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Tax Refund

Under the Income tax Act, the NRI is liable for tax refund on the following : 

Interest Income :   It is mandatory for the Bank to deduct TDS on interest income.   
Purchasing of immovable property from NRI:  Any persons responsible for paying to a Non – Resident not being a company, of any interest or any other sum chargeable under the provisions of this Act (not being income chargeable under the salaries) shall be liable to deduct income tax thereon at the rates in force.
Under these circumstances, we will assist you, in computing the tax liability after taking into account the exemptions, investments, rebates and other allowance allowable under Income Tax Act.   I f the tax liability is less than TDS the only practical way get the refund is to file the tax returns. 

We help you in filing the tax return in time and the getting the tax refund in a fastest and most convenient manner.
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