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Property Matter

Purchase Of Properties : We Provide Complete Due Diligence 

Negotiate and complete sale (close)

  • Pre-sale agreement before actual purchase
  • Verify identity and credibility of seller
  • Verify land records directly from the revenue and registration offices
  • Obtain encumbrance certificate and complete search in the registration records 
  • Measurement of property
  • Confirm all statutory approval for construction has been obtained
  • Verify title deeds - for title and forgery of documents
  • Advise on stamp duty and registration duty payable to the governmentAdvise on fund remittance into India
  • Draft sale deed and prepare check list for registration
  • Present sale deed for registration
  • If registering authority is required to inspect property, accompany person and complete process by paying deficit stamp fee
  • Collect registered document
  • Hold document in custody of client
Sale Of Properties :  We Provide Complete Due Diligence
  • Prepare initial report and plan of action 
  • Inspect the property
  • Title of property
  • If occupied by tenant - how easy or difficult it is to vacate them
  • If above two aspects require spade work – cost and time involved 
  • Sale price determined by - with or without tenants 
  • Tax planning - capital gains on sale of property
  • Repatriation process 
  • Marketing Plan  
            Identify purchaser and show property
            Confirm sale price 
            Provide all documents to purchaser
            Answer all queries to purchaser
            Ascertain modalities of payment and closing 
            Enter into agreement for sale
            Receive sale consideration and oversee sale procedures 
            Pay necessary taxes – capital gain if any
            Repatriate sale proceeds or act on advice of client 
Family Partition / Family Arrangement / Settlement   
  • Arrive at settlement
  • Advice on stamp and registration duties
  • Advice on documentation
  • Complete registration process
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1 Property Matters $150
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