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Preparation Of Will
A Will is an important document which enables the individual /any living person to rightfully leave his/her assets and wealth to whoever he/she chooses to, after his/her death. In a way a person can ensure that his/her wishes with respect to the assets and property are followed after hi/her death. There often arise complexities when a person dies without a Will. It is a little effort that goes a long way, not leaving our family in any kind of turmoil, after our death. Some people execute writings, prepared by themselves or with the help and advice of well-meaning friends or relatives. Often, these turn out to be useless in law during implementation, after the death of the person. The crux is that the absence of a will or the invalidity of a will or parts of a will often generates problems for the legal heirs and successors.
We will advice and help you in preparing a will which would lead to smooth distribution of money and property among the family members.
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1 Preparation of Will $150
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