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"I am emailing to confirm the services I received from you. The communication from your company was excellent. The information and advice I received was on a step-by-step basis and it was very clear to understand and respond to. I regularly received phone calls and emails updating me on the whole process and the next steps to be taken. I found it a pleasure to work with you, to communicate and to put my points across to you. I am very happy I assigned you to deal with my case."
"I am very much satisfied by the help you have provided this far, and I must say that, I am impressed with the professionalism. As I have planned to go to India in the near future, I have decided to deal with the legal issues during my visit to India. I have the contact information for your firm and will be in touch when the need arises. "
Anil Gupta
"Intuit NRI Service Desk was great that it came to handling our affairs in India related to filing of Tax Return, they provided their utmost professionalism when it came to handling our confidential matter and providing taxation services to us. We would highly recommend their services to people who need to handle matters in India, but cannot be the country personally. We would trust them again with our matters. "
KS. Manak
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